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Companies supporting BOS-UK

Vui Vui Botanic Atelier

Welcome to Vui Vui Botanic Atelier, London.

My name is Carl. In 2006 I discovered natural soaps and gave them a try. To my delight my previously problem skin soon disappeared, my skin not only felt good but looked healthy and glowing too. Since then I have exclusively used natural skin care products.My initial interest in natural soaps blossomed in 2014 into a passion for natural soap making and Vui Vui Botanic Atelier was born. I am thrilled to be able to share my line of organic skincare products and this passion with you. All my luxurious products are created in small batches using only sustainably sourced organic and natural botanical ingredients.

VuiVui's vision is to make the highest quality organic skincare products for a natural healthy you.

We are very proud to support orangutan and rainforest conservation through the mission of Borneo Orangutan Survival UK. A portion of all sales goes to their vital work. 

Please visit our store: www.vuivuibotanicatelier.com

Carl x

Manicomio and Canto Corvino Restaurants

Manicomio Restaurants continue to be proud supporters of BOS-UK. If you are looking for an incredible atmosphere and amazing food & drinks all while supporting orangutan conservation then look no further.

Please visit one of thier 3 locations across London, and be sure to thank them for supporting our work.

Manicomio has two locations, Chelsea and the City, and serves some of the most authentic and highly regarded Italian food in the City. A must visit.


Canto Corvino, located in the heart of Spitalfields, serves modern Italian food in an equisite bespoke interior. Stop in today.


Artist 4 Apes

Hi my name is Andy, a self taught UK based artist.
In 2017 I saw a wild orangutan in Borneo for the very first time, a humbling experience that I will never forget. Since then I have become more and more aware of the threats to orangutan survival and developed a strong passion to support conservation efforts.

With my art I strive to capture their beauty and rich characters and to evoke a sense of real connection with these amazing cousins of ours.

I am extremely honoured to be able to support Borneo Orangutan Survival UK. I donate 25% of all sales to support their fantastic orangutan conservation and habitat protection.

Please visit my website www.artist4apes.com

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